The Pegasus Expedition Digital Soundtrack


Enjoy the sublime music of The Pegasus Expedition whenever you'd like with the Digital Soundtrack for the game, composed and performed by Adam Al-Sawad, featuring vocals by Vantorea. Now you can feel as if exploring an alien galaxy, no matter where you go!

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PublisherFulqrum Publishing Ltd.
DeveloperKalla Gameworks
Release Date20 Jun 2023
Genresstrategy, simulation, indie
FeaturesAdditional High-Quality Audio

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A sense of wonder and discovery, with contrasting tones of epic scale and desperation of humanity facing extinction – these are the emotions and atmosphere the music of The Pegasus Expedition instills. The composer and performer, Adam Al-Sawad, expertly mixes the ethereal sound of a lone, echoing minimalist piano together with deep synths and the occasional post-rock guitar to make listeners feel as if they are desperately drifting through space, looking for a solution to humanity’s woes. Combined with the amazing voice of Vantorea, the talented vocalist featured in many of the songs, The Pegasus Expedition Digital Soundtrack can provide pleasant background music not just for your playthroughs, but daily lives as well.


1 Our Last Cradle (feat. Vantorea)  3:30

2 The High Courts  2:26

3 Tur Qurus Khasath  2:37

4 Rush the Stars  1:57

5 Oho-Theos  1:24

6 Grace of the Empress  0:59

7 Eight Moments Between Stars  7:16

8 Await the Stars  3:50

9 Through Schuman's Window  1:31

10 Lorenz's Notebook  3:53

11 We Enter Zokha (feat. Vantorea)  2:40

12 A Swan Song Far Away (feat. Vantorea)  1:31

13 The Borough of Stars  0:51

14 Stay safe, Evan Loch  2:07

15 A Pretty Good Card  0:47

16 A Solemn Sight  1:01

17 Balancing Factors pt. I  0:48

18 A New Home pt. I-III (feat. Vantorea)  15:12

19 The Gate to Our Last Hope (feat. Vantorea)  2:55

20 Balancing Factors pt. II  0:48

21 The Price of Progress (feat. Vantorea)  6:27

22 No Mind, No Master (feat. Vantorea)  3:30

23 Solace in Desolation (feat. Vantorea)  6:24

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    • Storage (high-quality audio): Additional 1320 MB available space

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