Scholar of the Arcane Arts


Scholar of the Arcane Arts

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PublisherESDigital Games
DeveloperCourtesy of Endo
Release Date15 Dec 2022
GenresIndie, Action, RPG, Early Access

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Scholar of the Arcane Arts is a Roguelike Action RPG where you must rely on your knowledge of how magic actually works to survive. The five Planes of magic have invaded your world. As a Scholar, you now need to learn new spells by collecting magic scrolls. You must solve puzzles, unlock secret dungeons, and defeat monstrous beings to find these powerful scrolls. Each school of magic interacts with one another differently. It is up to you to figure out which spell to use to counter, disable or attack!

LEARN to be a wizard, FEEL like a wizard, PLAY as a wizard and then BECOME a Wizard!

It is all about magic spells, monster lairs and saving the world!

Over 10,000 spell combos!

Collect, combine and upgrade the spells! Use a wide variety of spells from the five schools of magic: Hydromancy, Pyromancy, Geomancy, Necromancy and Aeromancy. Upgrade your spells and find the most powerful combinations!

Explore 3 procedurally generated magical worlds and defeat the dark creatures

Explore large, procedurally generated worlds to solve puzzles, complete dungeons and find powerful spells that will help you on your journey. Each world is full of dangerous enemies, dungeons, and monster lairs. Beat the enemies that are faster and stronger than you, and defeat the terrifying Demigods!

Hand-drawn pixel art graphics

Enjoy the hand-drawn pixel art carefully mixed with the fabled magical shaders to deliver you a stunning dark fantasy experience!

Minimum Requirements

    • - OS: Windows 7 or newer - Processor: Intel i5 or better - Memory: 1 GB RAM - Graphics: Nvidia 450 GTS/Radeon HD 5750 or better - Storage: 1 GB available space

Recommended Requirements

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