Activating your Uplay Keys

Important Notes

  • You WILL NOT get a key code to activate your game on Steam,the key will only activate on Uplay
  • If the Uplay account you log into already owns the content it will be overwritten and you WILL NOT get a giftable copy.
  • Please note that a Uplay DLC WILL NOT work, if that base game is activated through another platform such as Steam.

 Please follow these steps to activate the Uplay Key: 

  1. Download the uPlay client to your PC from Sign up and log in.

  2. Select the ‘key’ symbol on the top right hand corner of the Uplay client.

  3. This opens the ""Activate A Product"" option. Enter your unique code that’s displayed on the ‘Order’ page of your CDKeys account or on the link of your confirmation email if you had purchased as a guest, and click ”Activate”.

  4. Once activated, the game will automatically be added to your library and ready to download.

You can see your game on the Ubisoft Connect PC client. Activation can not be verified from the web.