Activating your Ubisoft Connect games

Important Notes

  • You WILL NOT get a key code to activate your game, you must use Ubisoft Connect keyless activation, explained below.
  • You CAN NOT gift Uplay keylessly activated content from one Uplay account to another - the content will be added to the Uplay account you log into during the activation process and will remain in that account.
  • If the Uplay account you log into already owns the content it will be overwritten and you WILL NOT get a giftable copy.
  • Please note that a Uplay DLC WILL NOT work, if that base game is activated through another platform such as Steam.
  • If the login button refreshes without activating the game on our website, you MUST enable third party cookies. If your browser or your adblocker blocks third party cookies. When they are blocked/rejected Uplay can not pass the Uplay account information to our system and we can not push the activation from our side. To solve this, you must enable third party cookies either by disabling the adblockers (if any) or from browser settings. Alternatively you can also try with a different browser.
  • Activations CAN NOT be verified from the web, you wil need the PC Client.
  • To find your activated key please head to:


1)- On your 'My Games’ page you will see a button that says "Redeem on Uplay"

2)- Once clicked, a Ubisoft window will popup and there you will be able to login to your Ubisoft Connect account and then add the game to your library.

3)- You will be asked for a confirmation


Once activated, you can see your game on the Ubisoft Connect PC client. Activation can not be verified from the web.