Phantaruk Soundtrack


29 Minutes of dark ambient & drone music composed by Draco Nared for 'Phantaruk' horror game.

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PublisherUltimate Games SA
Release Date8 Sep 2016
GenresAdventure, Indie, Action
LanguagesEnglish, Polish, German, Russian
FeaturesSingle-player, Downloadable Content, Steam Achievements, Partial Controller Support, Family Sharing

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Hear the horror in the dark ambient & drone music composed by Draco Nared.

29 Minutes of terrifying music designed for the game 'Phantaruk'.

Enter to the dark world of sounds...

For long has the humanity been constrained by limits of human body. Most have accepted the imperfection of flesh, but some sought for liberation. To pursue the dream of creating a post-human being – to achieve ideas of transhumanism – is the driving force behind H+ Corporation. Within its facilities technology and homo sapiens became one entity. An organism devoid of humanity’s biological weaknesses.

We board the spaceship Purity-02 – prime complex of H+ Corporation

The dream shatters to a nightmare when we realize what has Purity-02 become. Once a research vessel, it has turned into a deadly, deserted trap. To flee Purity-02 we have to investigate the mysteries of the ship. With every passing minute our chances of survival grow slim. Infected with a parasite, we struggle against havoc being wrought within our body. But there is yet a greater danger to evade.

A beast is roaming the ship. A creature known from long-forgotten fables and ancient myths. It could prowl around in any shadow and lurk behind any corner.

We must plan our every move. We must survive the infection. We must get off the ship.

We must escape Phantaruk.

Minimum Requirements

    • OS *: Windows XP; Windows XP Professional Edition; Windows XP Service Pack 1; Windows XP Service Pack 2

Recommended Requirements