Other DRM - SecuROM - TAGES - Starforce

How do I download and install Other DRM - SecuROM - TAGES - Starforce DRM games

These games comes with an activation code and setup files to download. These codes will not work on any platforms such as Steam. The setup files can be easily downloaded from My Games page and activated by entering the code when asked.


Please follow the instructions below:

1) Log into your account, click "My Games" in the top right .

2) Find the game , click download links and start downloading the files. 

3) Important: Make sure you download all the files into the same folder.

4) Once the download is complete, start the installation process. This is usually done by launching a setup.exe file, again please make sue all the files are in the same folder.

5) You may be asked to enter a licence/activation code before/during or after the setup process or when you launch the game. Once asked please copy and paste the activation code from My Games page.

5) Once the installation is finished, you can now play the game. Have fun!